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Motivation to write through reading

I haven’t blogged about my writing life in a while. I guess I’ve been too busy writing. The thing is though, the writing is still writing, blogging, articles, marketing and such, but to me my real writing in novels. I’ve placed my latest manuscript aside (after not being accepted by an agent). I needed time to pull it out again and make it fresh.

I purchased two books from Amazon. 2014 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market (including 121 pages of useful writing advice) an The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published. Every time I purchase new writing references it excites my writing. It’s like a personal trainer urging me on to train harder. I’ve made new notes about my manuscript and cut whole sections. It’s hard to self edit but it’s the most necessary factor to polishing your writing before submitting it. I’m now embarrassed that I submitted it already, when it really wasn’t ready yet.

My word of advice. Patience.

Do not send anything until it’s as perfect as possible. I’ll update you on my progress soon and possibly give you a teasing chapter.