Teresa Gartner – reader

Good Morning everyone, finished Donna Munro’s latest book recently, this is her third book now.

You could say I’m a little biased as Donna worked for me for 6 years, and is just a beautiful person.

I loved her latest book Elephant Creek. It is set in Currumbin, so that makes it extra special for me, but as usual Donna has romance, intrigue and a bit of sizzle too with lots of twists and turns. If you haven’t read The Zanzibar Moon and Kendwa’s Secret, read them first and then grab this one. Guys a great idea for a birthday pressie too!!!

Every girl should do themselves a favour and read the three books, they are definitely a nice way to spoil yourself and take some time out to let your mind wander……you can order through amazon or contact me and I’ll put you in touch with Donna.

Martin Knox, Author

I recommend Elephant Creek for an exciting romance and entertaining holiday read.

The story is set around paddle-boarding an inshore creek at an idyllic Australian beachside. The plot has complications with three generations of family members, an electric romance that overcomes dramatic obstacles, climaxing in a helicopter search and rescue.

Emma had started making out with a Tinder date when she met the man of her dreams. Her difficulty in getting rid of the first man and taking up with the second is told by author Donna Munro in this charming novel. Emma is beautiful, smart and loving with a strong interest in pecs, abs and quads.

The story sequels Munro’s book ‘The Zanzibar Moon’. Emma’s mother Ali and her sister continue. Elephant Creek again reveals Donna Munro’s affection for and understanding of Africa and pet animals.

The triumph of this book is her portrayal of Hope, who has Downs Syndrome, who is her hot man’s daughter. Although Hope is disabled, Munro’s story embraces her  and she is respected by the other characters for what she is: a lovely young girl.

Because this reviewer is male and enjoyed reading Elephant Creek, it seems more than chic lit. There are critical feminine perspectives on relationships and just the right amount of sizzling love-making. The book chronicles happiness and heartaches in a close family, like Home and Away, with endearing characters whose interactions are closely observed and authentic.

I recommend Elephant Creek for an exciting romance and entertaining holiday read.

Reviewed by: Martin Knox, Author

Tu Raina – BookSprout Reviewer

This was a wonderful book. It didn’t seem rushed. This was sweet and steamy, full of romance and passion with great characters that were interesting enough to draw you in.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review of Kendwa’s Secret

Ann-Maree Howarth’s

What an adventurest tale this book was from a heartbreaking New Year’s Eve to all the wonders of Africa. This has been the first paperback I have read in a while and I must say I really missed this form of reading. Donna Munro is a new author to me, an this is the very first book she has published. As an Australian, I really enjoyed the Australian lingo and quirks along the way. The flow or the story was good, it will whole your attention and keep you want to read and found out more. The author did also include a lot of African words and meaning to give you a very authentic feel to the story and you just might learn a few new words of African along the way. This kind of reading might be a bit of a distraction at first but stick with it the story will flow better after the author has given us a full description of Africa and the characters within it.

During this story will find our heroine travelling from her little suburban home in Australia to the dynamic country of Zanzibar where is volunteering to find herself again. Alkina finds herself an empty nest and a too time cheating husband at the start of a new year so she decided to fulfil her dream of going to Africa.

Dr Don Cloutier wanted Ali.

Kendwa wanted Ali.

Shaun wanted Ali.

Even Roger wanted Ali back.

Ali fell in love with the magic of Zanzibar and loved her job at the shelter helping the single mothers open up the old resort to support themselves and their children.

Will she find magic in the arm of another man? Could she just have a holiday romance and then return home to her children and friends? Or will this working holiday change her life forever?

“Maybe there is magic on Zanzibar after all.”

This book is full of wonder, magic, sadness, hope, regret, strength, sorrow, joy, love, chemistry, family, heartache, wildlife and most of all adventure that will fill you as you read. There was some part of the story I went really……but it was not my story to tell but the authors. It was a lovely change to the books I have been reading and I totally enjoyed this book even though I have had it sitting next to my bed for the last few months.

Ann-Maree is a reviewer. See her website: Reading for the Love of Books