Martin Knox – author, engineer

The story tells of the lovely Alkina’s journey from betrayal in marriage by an Australian, via passionate adventures with an iconic exciting African, returning perhaps to be cherished by the reliable man next door in Australia. She is the mainstay of her loving family but goes on a charitable mission and discovers beautiful Zanzibar. There she meets two men who compete for her. Kendwa, is a passionate conservationist and their explicit trysts are punctuated by encounters with local wild animals.
There is drama aplenty in this novel, with her marriage breakup, poacher killings and a medical crisis. Ali is resilient and kind, bringing out the best in the men she chooses. Munro recounts their intimacy deftly, with three-dimensional emotions and avoiding the pitfalls of clichéd narrative. She imbues the story with great love for Africa, its people, children and wildlife.
The portrayal of Ali’s feelings being aroused, enticed, sated and finally committed in relationship, is dreamlike, a metaphor for how to achieve life satisfaction. Perhaps true love is a place that we forge for ourselves by a sort of magic, between euphoria and disrespect, between tragedy and mundanity. Then we can happily dream because we have something to dream about, like Ali.
The Zanzibar Moon invites us to follow that rainbow. It is warm, kind and optimistic. I recommend it to anyone who likes dreams of love. – Martin Knox (author, engineer and deep thinker)

Helen James-Doyle – Owner Magini’s Bikinis

Yesterday I finish reading The Zanzibar Moon Donna Munro. All I can say is wow! What an incredible journey it took me on, I found myself looking forward to what Ali was going to get each day I pick it up. I laughed I teared up I squirmed in my seat lol! I could so relate to being a mother to those beautiful twin girls. If you haven’t already picked up this book do yourself a favor and do it now!

Diane Frew – Retired

Loved The Zanzibar Moon, well written, enjoyed it from start to finish. I don’t read a lot of books, but found The Zanzibar Moon very easy to read. It was most enjoyable. Funny, Sad and Romantic. I can’t wait till your next book. Congratulations and well done Donna Muno.

Kerry Zillner – UN worker in Africa

“I am really impressed by the book, you have really done your homework and if I did not l know any better I would have sworn that you have lived in Africa for a period of time.  You have captured life here so well with the chaos, the beauty, the nature, even down to the sometimes not so pleasant aromas (haha).   The story line is great and the characters are interesting.  I also like how you have put the relevant chapters in the first tense for Alkina and Dr Don.  It lets you get closer to the character I think.  I showed some of the Swahili to my colleague and as far as she could tell you were spot on.” – Kerry Zillner (UN worker in Africa)